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    Dating Do’s and Don’ts: How to Snag a Hot Chick

    10. Had a successful date? Know she likes you? Make your move. Kiss her, silly. What are you waiting for? If she invites you in, go in! Follow the cues and ago with the flow. That first date advice, just a kiss is WRONG if you both want more. Go for it!

    9. Don’t brag. Sure, tell her about your achievements when appropriate but listen to hers too. Do not overshadow what she has accomplished with your own bragging. This is not a competition with her, it is date. No one wants someone who thinks too much of himself. Bottom line no one wants to date a pompous ass. Be humble.

    8. Many men miss this one. Chivalry is not dead. Women still love to be treated like ladies. Open that door for her. When you are out on your dates and walking on the street, make sure she is always on the inside. Be a bit possessive. Women like to feel safe, pampered and like to know that they are important to you.

    7. Found that hot chick you think is the cream of the crop? WAIT! Before you drop the rest remember women are competitive creatures. If she knows you dropped everything for her, she won. Don’t make it so easy. Let her know that you cannot go out that night because you have a previous engagement with Rachel. Be seen out and about with others. If she knows other women want you she will want you that much more. Make her work for it.

    6. Self confidence is key. Women love men who are self confident. Self confidence seeps through to all aspects of life that are important in a relationship sex, personality, lifestyle, career. Self confident men tend to be powerful men. Women love powerful men but remember powerful does not mean overbearing.

    5. Do not be needy. Do not give her the impression you need her more than she needs you. Miss a call or two. Do not answer every single text. Be unavailable sometimes. Give her something to want not something she can have anytime. A thing is more valuable if you have to work for it, even a date.

    4. Sometimes a little mystery is best. Do not dump all of your emotional baggage on her on the first date. It is better to let that stuff out in dribs and drabs over the course of your relationship. If you dump it all on her the first date their likely will not be a “relationship.” She is your date not your counselor.

    3. Don’t be a creeper! You know, one of those guys who freaks out at the first text she doesn’t answer immediately and then texts her back twenty times. Unaware that the twenty texts freaked her out he then starts calling followed by driving by her house. This is creeper behavior. No one dates the creeper.

    2. Do not wear too much cologne. Cologne is meant to enhance a man’s natural smell not mask it. Nothing should smell like B.O. There is a difference between the natural smell of a man and armpit funk. Wear deodorant and light cologne. Not only do you not want to mask that natural scent but you do not want to smell like a “French whore” either.

    1. First impressions mean everything and good hygiene is the first thing the ladies will see. Teeth brushed, hair and body washed, hair combed, deodorant on and wear clean clothes. These are the basics. If you want to do more, more power to you. Do not look unkempt and rumpled or worse, SMELL! Nobody wants the stinky guy and if it is your breath, know you will not be getting that first kiss!

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